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Compact Ceiling / Machine Mount Mist Collectors - Smog-Hog® MSH

Make a big impact in a small space. The compact Smog-Hog MSH is a self-contained electrostatic precipitator (ESP) mist collector that can be mounted directly onto machining centers or nearby using ducting. The MSH is ideal for collecting machine tool coolant mist from applications including CNC machining, cold forming, plastic forming, screw machining, wet grinding and more. Oil and water-based machine mists, fumes and smoke are drawn into the system and then sent through a highly efficient coalescing pre-filter and large ESP collection cell with clean air recirculating back into the facility for a cleaner, healthier work environment. 

The Smog-Hog MSH provides optimized extraction velocities for most machine center enclosures. The unit ships fully assembled for easy installation.

Benefits of Smog-Hog MSH Mist Collector Use

  • Multiple configurations - available in a vertical or horizontal configuration to work with various machining centers
  • Reduced maintenance - the combination of high-efficiency Mist-Stop pre-filter and large capacity ESP cell enables the MSH to capture three to four times the amount of machine fluid than other similar sized collectors. Therefore, fewer cleanings are necessary and the unit can run for longer intervals between servicing.
  • Better smoke removal - the variable speed motor allows operators to easily adjust the MSH to airflows up to 600 CFM.
  • No more filter replacements - ESP cells can be easily washed, so there's no need for costly media filter change outs.
  • Lower operating costs - the MSH only required a 115 volt electrical supply which can be provided virtually anywhere.
  • Long-term reliability - the MSH uses a motorized direct drive impeller, backward curved wheel, so there is less downtime spent changing worn drive parts.
  • Less downtime - a heavy-duty latched door provides easy access to the ESP filtration section, while the blower compartment is reachable through a set of quick access bolts.
  • Reduced operating expenses - an optional drain loop assembly and drain bottle allows the system to recycle machining fluids.